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First things first: Take it easy on yourself. Understand that blanking out is just part of the overall process of writing your book. If you dwell too much on the fact that you can’t write right now, then that negativity can quickly spiral out of control. Simply accept the circumstance, take a deep breath, and find something else to do.

After you’ve calmed down, here are some things you can try:

  • Do more research: Maybe you’ll strike on something that gets the inspiration flowing again.
  • Reorganize: Have things gotten messy? Spend time cleaning things up.
  • Edit: Go back over older passages. This will put you back in the headspace of the book, and can help you to move forward.
  • Listen to music:  Find something that inspires you to continue or songs that speak of God’s love and promises. That should motivate you to get the word out so other’s can experience Him too.
  • Exercise: Take a walk, go for a run, do some pushups. Getting the blood flowing gets the brain cranking.
  • Just write: So what if it’s not your best work? There’s a reason that red pens, delete buttons, and erasers exist.

In almost every case, doing one or several of the above should break your writer’s block. If that doesn’t happen, though, then don’t give into the temptation to take an extended break. More than a great books have died on the vine due to just this kind of mentality. Instead, keep pushing with the above techniques; you’ll break through eventually.

Blast Writer’s Block by being prepared for when it happens.

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    1. Chantale Williams Post author

      Let me know if you need help with your book Sonya! Another good way is to chat your book out with a trusted friend while recording the conversation.

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