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Here’s me in a nutshell – I believe in investing in knowledge, applying what I’ve learned, and teaching others to do the same. My passion is to equip creative business owners with the tools they need to pursue and live out their God-given dreams with confidence. I make it my business to help people monetize their time, talents, and treasures because everyone should experience financial freedom forever starting now. I love God and I love people. I believe in you and know our paths didn’t cross by accident. I hope our time together is win-win for everyone.

The Details…

I was born in Montreal, Canada, to Haitian entrepreneurs who moved to the United States when I was about two years old. While growing up in Connecticut, my parents kept close ties with the local Haitian community so I speak Haitian Creole! Sak pase, nap boule!

At the age of sixteen we moved to Belize; I picked up some Spanish and ate some of the best food I’ve ever tasted. My fondest memories of those years include working at the Broadcasting Corporation of Belize selling radio commercial spots. In no time, my boss discovered the marketability of my voice and next thing you know I was voicing commercial spots for our top clients, filling in as a DJ, delivering the daily news, and singing at government functions. I love creative types and the things we do. But soon, a nasty experience tried to steal my joy, my identity, and my creativity… You can read all about it in my book, Childlike Faith For Grown-Up Miracles.

Eventually, I returned to the United States and joined the Army as a finance specialist to “get me some discipline” and money for college. My first duty assignment was Fort Lewis, Washington (now Joint Base Lewis-McChord), where I met my hubby, Elton, also in the Army. He asked me to marry him about 6 months after we met when he got orders to Ansbach, Germany. I said yes and we’ve traveled the world together for the past 18 years.

After our first tour in Germany, we were then assigned to Fort Hood, Texas, where our two children, Vivianna and Elton Jr., were born. I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was in grade school and it only made sense to check the block on the formal education to match. My undergrad was in technical management with a concentration in accounting and I also have an MBA. I’m currently employed as an auditor for the federal government and I love mentoring and leading my staff through complex processes to identify millions of cost savings. With over 20 years of experience in the financial realm to include the complicated tax code, I’ve picked up a slew of strategies that are applicable to all businesses.

When I’m not crunching numbers and developing strategies, you can find me reading a book, writing songs, singing songs, landing my family on movie sets, attending business seminars and promising to find some sleep in the afterlife. In addition to this, I have a few causes that are dear to my heart, such as bringing awareness to mental health issues and ending sex trafficking. I have volunteered at local churches for many years, serving in the choir, children’s ministry, women’s ministry, business ministry, and other positions of leadership.

My hubby retired from the Army in July 2017 and I recently relocated to the DC-MD-VA (DMV) National Capital Region (NCR) for a promotion on my job. God is up to something big and I continue to enjoy this adventure of faith. My next chapter is about you, packaging my knowledge and experience so you can walk in a greater measure of financial freedom. Let’s keep in touch!